The mindless sheeple in SC need to wake up and realize that Lindsey Graham is NOT working for them as well as the America people. His support for trade deals like NAFTA that has caused our manufacturing to become almost extinct,as well as letting millions of illegals in America, his support for NDAA that violates the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments as well as Posse Comitatis , that gives the government the right to send the military to the homes of American citizens to arrest and detain them without due process as long as they want, his support for the Patriot Act that clearly violates the 4th Amendment, he wants to be and empire, instead of a republic, like our founders had intended as well as have military bases in every country on earth which is more in line of what the Soviet Union had tried but failed because they collapsed from within, just like every other empire. He is one of the main problems, along with McCain, Liberman, Collins, and other establishment Neo-Con RINOs and Libs, that our country is having. Every time when I see an empty factory building, hear about another person loosing his or her job, or watch another atrocity in the middle east that has caused the loss of a loved one, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Joe Liberman, are the first ones that come to mind to hold responsible because those three are so proud of themselves that America has done gotten the way it has now. Our founders would not had tolerated traitors like these people and the rest of the establishment RINOs and establishment liberals. WAKE UP PEOPLE, Lindsey Graham does NOT care about America and the American people, just his multi-national corporation and military industrial complex masters and he will be one of the first puppets in line to sell America out in order to satisfy his masters and he makes it obvious too.