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NORMAN, Okla. – By law we’re required to renew our driver’s license and in order to do so, we must comply with a few procedures like taking a picture or giving our fingerprint.

One woman has refused these things and filed a lawsuit because she said it violates her religious rights.

Think of Tom Cruise’s 2002 movie Minority Report, where Cruise’s character undergoes an eye replacement to avoid be detected by the city’s optical recognition system.

The local woman said she believes our government is using a similar facial recognition system.

She said it’s already being implemented with high-resolution pictures and measurements taken when you get your driver’s license picture and provide your fingerprint. 

Norman resident Kaye Beach remembers the day she first realized this when asked to submit her fingerprint.

She said, “’Do I have to do this,’ and they said, ‘Or you can’t have…

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