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WELD COUNTY, Colo. – The Greeley Tribune has reported that Weld County commissioners held a meeting Thursday to solicit public comment regarding their plans to secede from Colorado and form a 51st state.

Nearly all of the roughly 50 people in attendance voiced support for the idea.

“I think people, when they feel disenfranchised, when they feel that their voices are not being heard, I think that’s a problem in a representative form of government,” commissioner Sean Conway said.

The five Weld County commissioners at the meeting on Thursday said they hope to include the 51st state initiative on the ballot in November, allowing voters to decide if the secession process should start. Another proposal would change the state’s constitution to grant rural counties increased representation.

“We believe there’s an attack on oil and gas,” commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer said. “We believe there’s an attack on agriculture. I don’t think those…

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