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Brandie Redell admits she was stealing at the Von Maur department store in Northpark Mall in February, caught on security camera stuffing clothing in her baby’s stroller.

But when Davenport police arrived to arrest her, things went from bad to worse.

A store video shows Redell being beaten and held down by two officers, punched in the head several times, her right eye swollen shut and requiring a trip to the hospital.

Watch extended video of the altercation – click here.

“I was asking him why was this happening and I was crying. I was screaming, begging for someone to help me,” Redell said.

There’s no audio on the store tape, but Redell can be seen on her phone, she says, to call her boyfriend to come pick their 14-month-old daughter up while she was being taken to jail. She says when one of the officers heard…

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