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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Brad Fillius, his wife and several friends drove nearly two hours from the Norfolk area to take part in Saturday’s Great Bull Run in Dinwiddie.

The group ran in the 11 a.m. race without injury and then headed to the stands to watch later runs. They assumed they were out of harm’s way, because they were a safe distance from the running bulls.

Then a remote-controlled aircraft carrying a camera above them fell from the sky.

“It was a pretty significant blow and it knocked the wind out of me for sure,” Fillius, a naval commander stationed in Norfolk, said.

Fillius recalled the crowd being excited to see the remote-controlled aircraft taking video from above. A few minutes later, the device fell and hit Fillius in the chest.

“What made it a little more significant was that it was that it was completely…

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