Every detail was planned out that afternoon.

Lee Jordan was meeting a friend at a Starbucks in Herndon, Virginia. He had scouted out the area, including the parking situation, since he could walk only a very short distance.

He also wanted to make sure he didn’t have to stand in line and could sit without fear of breaking the furniture.

Jordan weighed 450 pounds.

This was no ordinary chat over coffee. Jordan was meeting Beth, his high school and college sweetheart, more than 20 years since they had last seen each other.

He had only told Beth that he was out of shape — that he had gained some weight and lost some hair.

He anticipated the same looks he usually received from others who met him.

“Pity. Shock. Horror,” he said.

What happened next was life-changing.

“Beth looked at me, and all she saw was Lee Jordan,” he remembers…

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