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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – She knew she had to stop. She knew she had to pay it forward.

Richmond Police officer Karen Spencer-Boyles is a dog lover, so when she spotted two dogs in the middle of Jeff Davis Highway Tuesday morning, she simply could not drive off.

One of the dogs was dead. It was hit by a car.

The other dog was scared and whimpering, refusing to leave its friend’s side.

A women who works nearby spotted Officer Spencer-Boyles and stopped to take a photo of what she called the officer’s act of kindness.

“A Richmond city police woman stopped because a dog was hit and his friend was beside him barking,” Michelle C. said. “She stopped and got him out of the road and soothed him.”

Carrington said the officer’s actions likely saved the dog’s life.

“For her to stop and take a moment of her…

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