LYNNVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) — When a Lynnville, Tenn. woman dropped her garden gnome on the sidewalk and it broke, what she discovered inside is now front-page news and the talk of the town in Giles County.

Heather Andrews has a friend who always gives her garden gnomes. It’s a gag between them, but this time the gnome was carrying a gag of its own.

“My friend opened the door, and it dropped and fell. I went to pick up the pieces and noticed something inside it,” Andrews said.

There appears to be a statue inside the gnome that was formed at the time of the making of the gnome. It’s fused to the top and to the bottom.

“I think the face has really intricate detail and someone spent a lot of time on the face. The anatomy on the body looks feminine to me, but I don’t…

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