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Rebuilding a girl's dream home after tragedy

MARIETTA, Ga. — As the school year came to a close, 12-year-old Sicily Kolbeck found herself still without a project. It was a key requirement at the small, independent school she attended just outside Atlanta. If she found the right one — something big and passion-driven — it could set the course for her entire next academic year.

She thought maybe she could start a natural makeup line or dive into some type of research.

Or she could just keep wasting time online.

As she clicked around, she stumbled into the idea of tiny houses — dwellings that pack the conveniences of modern homes into a couple hundred square feet. She found a rabid community around them, blogs and documentaries filled with DIY builders and eco-lovers and folks who lived happily with less.

This could be it, Sicily thought. She’d hardly swung a hammer before, but maybe she could build a…

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