ILLINOIS — A truck driver passing through Illinois said he caught a police officer speeding while talking on his cell phone.

The driver, Brian Miner, pulled over the officer to confront him about his driving and recorded video of the alleged incident that he posted to YouTube last week.

In the video, Miner said the officer was speeding on wet roads while using his cell phone.

Initially the officer argues with the trucker and threatens to write him a ticket for “unlawful use of a horn” — and pointed out that police are allowed to use technology while driving.

However, when Miner told the officer that the whole thing was being recorded, the officer changes his tune.

The officer goesback to his cruiser with the driver’s information, comesback and said the trucker won’tgeta ticket.

“I wasn’t paying attention to how fast I was going,” the officer said. “Like you…

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